Benjamin Husson

La grande songerie happened at Circuit (Lausanne) from September 15 to October 28, 2023. The show was featuring a mix of my « lamentable sculptures » and Corentin Canesson’s — on tour — painting collection (see press release below, for more details and infos in FR, EN and DE please visit

List of sculptures:

1 fountain / pressurised scoliosis, 2023,
brass, steel, beer taps, beer, 75 × 95 × 175 cm, texts by Gilles Furtwängler.
Performance by Cynthia Colle,

2 irrigation guest, 2023,
glass, steel, intravenous infusion system, red wine, 200 × 70 × 80 cm,
text by Julie Portier,

3 irrigation guest, 2023,
glass, steel, intravenous infusion system, white wine, 200 × 70 × 80 cm,
text by Julie Portier,

4 fountain / directed ambiguous politeness, 2023,
steel, cocktail, 75 × 95 × 175 cm,
texts by various authors,
performance by Maria Esteves,

5 belly punctuations, champagne & rucola, 2019,
brass, steel, watercolor, synthetic hairs, 100 × 85 × 25 cm,
texts by Nicole Ehrensperger,
performance by Matthias Sohr,

6 birds of ill omen, variations, 2023,
cork, engraved steel, tobacco leaves, rabbit skin glue, 16 × 7 × 2 cm

Also: New edition available at Circuit:
engraved glasses, various sizes, edition of 100, 2023.

Openings pictures and video archive (bellow) by Wally Veronesi.
Exhibition pictures by David Gagnebin-de Bons.

Here is a video archive of the sculptures and the performances that happened during the opening, on September 15, 2023

La grande songerie

An exhibition organized by Corentin Canesson and Circuit, with a sculptural ensemble by Benjamin Husson.

With guests (part of Corentin Canesson's painting collection):

Jolijn Baeckelandt, Hélène Baril, Martin Bonnaz, Noémie Boulon, Corentin Canesson,
Thomas Canesson, Céline Cuvelier, Jacques Duboux, Hilary Galbreaith, Camille Girard
and Paul Brunet, Hélène Janicot, Damien Le Dévédec, Jean-
François Maurige, Camila Oliveira Fairclough, Michael Schäfer, Slick Oner, Nino
Svireli/Fondation d’Ur, TNHCH, Aymeric Tarrade, Sarah Tritz and Marine Wallon

Press release:

Under the title La grande songerie, Corentin Canesson shows at Circuit a collection of
paintings. On the move for two years already, this collection is circulating between
different places and exhibition spaces. This movement can be thought of as a group of
works “on tour”. At Circuit, an oral and sculptural repertoire – Benjamin Husson’s
“lamentable sculptures” – now adds to the pictorial ensemble initiated by Corentin
Corentin Canesson’s inventory of paintings is rearranged on invitation (Nice, Montbéliard,
Berlin...). Since the exhibition L'amour fou, organized during the summer of 2023 at Saint-Cirq-
Lapopie by the Maison des arts Georges et Claude Pompidou, this inventory has grown as
other artists have been invited to join the collection.
The collection’s idea of an “evolutive polyphony” forms a bridge to Benjamin Husson’s artistic
vocabulary. Drawing on his interest in ancient manifestations of collective lamentation – from the
tradition of Egyptian mourners to Greek tragedy –, Benjamin Husson presents a sculptural
environment that encourages the coming together of people. This resonates with the delicate
balance between aesthetic and affective experiences provided by Corentin Canesson. Indeed,
these sculptures are part of a desire to jointly let emerge, at Circuit, a singular experience of the
exhibition, based on the diversity of the works and artists involved.